A Life of Crime

As you can see from this site, I write Fantasy. Epic Fantasy is the genre I’m trying to make it in, even though I’m now published as Romantic Fantasy, and will continue that series. (Or Romance with a small touch of fantasy, at the very least.) And apart from the fact I read oodles of […]

Coming Back

30/06/2015: So, after too-long in the ether, this website’s up and running again. Well, walking at the very least. Stumbling around, possibly, but I hope to re-capture some of the old blogs that were lost in transition, whilst adding more periodically. Anyone who’s followed this site will know I blog about anything that takes my […]

Indigo Heartfire – Book

Title: Indigo Heartfire Series: 1 Author: JScott Marrayat Genre: Fiction Publisher: Tickety Boo Press Ltd Release Date: 9 Dec. 2014 Format: Paperback & Kindle Edition Pages: 276 est Source: Amazon Synopsis: A new job. A new town. A new life. That’s what Robert hoped for when he came to London. But a fairy with attitude […]

The Iron Curse – Book

Chapter One They say the brand is imprinted on your soul. In the years that followed my Assessment, I reflected on this more than was good for me. To my mind, the presence of a soul necessarily signifies the existence of a God. If a God existed, I came to know him as a cruel […]

Gateway of Tears – Book

Chapter 1 Summer 1962 Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Sheriff Paul Travis woke with a jolt. For a second he didn’t know where he was. Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Shelly Fabares crooned about Johnny Angel from the radio, which added to his confusion. Then his mind cleared. “Dammit!” He wiped his mouth with the back of a hand, […]