The Unrepentant Warrior – Book

The Unrepentant Warrior Prologue He rode and walked beside the mule until it foundered. For seventeen nights they had trekked into the desert, living off the food and water the mule carried, resting by day and travelling by night. Now only one waterskin remained, partially emptied. The mule’s breath rasped in and out, and it […]

The Iron Curse – Book

Chapter One They say the brand is imprinted on your soul. In the years that followed my Assessment, I reflected on this more than was good for me. To my mind, the presence of a soul necessarily signifies the existence of a God. If a God existed, I came to know him as a cruel […]

Gateway of Tears – Book

Chapter 1 Summer 1962 Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Sheriff Paul Travis woke with a jolt. For a second he didn’t know where he was. Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Shelly Fabares crooned about Johnny Angel from the radio, which added to his confusion. Then his mind cleared. “Dammit!” He wiped his mouth with the back of a hand, […]