Coming Back

30/06/2015: So, after too-long in the ether, this website’s up and running again. Well, walking at the very least. Stumbling around, possibly, but I hope to re-capture some of the old blogs that were lost in transition, whilst adding more periodically. Anyone who’s followed this site will know I blog about anything that takes my fancy – Marmite is often a recurring theme, though I do (mostly) keep it on subjects about writing and all its vaingloriousnesses. My editing website ┬áis worth a look, but in Mandy Rice-Davis’s words, I would say that, wouldn’t I? I’m keeping the two sites apart, because this site is about writing – my own, and others that I want to talk about, (especially my heroes) whereas the editing site is about… editing. Obviously I’m trying to make it in both fields and I still haven’t given up my day job as an Osteopath. Even though that’s actually more of a morning job.

On the writing front, I’m re-editing Gateway of Tears, and The Iron Curse, but have submitted The Unrepentant Warrior to various agents, after slightly conflicting feedback from two previous agents – one said the story was pacey and well-written, and the other said the pace was too patchy but had terrific battle scenes. I actually asked one of the new agents about her editing/critiquing services, since I was getting so close to acceptance (three agents and one major publisher took the full manuscript) and she suggested I submit the first three chapters as a writer, to give her the chance to see what might be needed. Updates as they happen…

I’m editing Carol Hawkins’ Autobiography. It’s a stunning book – initially all about how she made it as an actress (loads of name-dropping of all the famous people she’s worked with, naturally) but then a fascinating look into how her life changed when she met her second husband, Martyn. I don’t want to give anything away, but the account of his death and Carol’s grief is some of the most moving writing I’ve ever encountered. I’ll keep updates on this, because it will be worth buying if it comes out.

And I’m writing Emerald Heartfire the second in the series, which will hopefully be out later this year. I’d better get back to it.